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The aim of this study is to investigate immunomodulatory effect of rehmannia glutinosa polysaccharide (RGP) on murine splenic lymphocyte and bone marrow derived dendritic cells (DCs). Splenic lymphocytes obtained from mice were co-cultured with RGP for 48 h and then harvested for analyzing with MTT method. The cytokine production of T lymphocytes was(More)
A previous study found that epimedium polysaccharide (EP)-propolis flavonoid (PF) injection (EPI) produced reliable immunoenhancement. In this study, we investigate the effects of EP-PF oral liquid (EFO) on mucosal immunity in the chicken small intestine while using EPI, EP and PF as controls. Groups of fourteen-day-old chickens were given EFO orally at one(More)
With the growing of maturity for the graphical model-driven development environment, software development has been made out of the shackles of a lot of manual coding and not easily code reusing, meanwhile a higher document management standard is required in software development process. To meet this requirement this paper presents a structured Word document(More)
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