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Spider is a program for harvesting internet resources. Spiders Detection Techniques(SDT) are used to regulate and monitor behaviors of spiders visiting website. In this paper, an Evaluation Method based on Trap technique(EMT) is proposed to calculate the recall rate and precision rate of SDT. Without relying on manual analysis, it is more objective and more(More)
Circle curve fitting is always the important issue of the engineering technology. The effect of circle curve fitting is influenced by both the data quality and fitting method. In this paper, using the special properties of circle, that's the error value of any two radius is zero. Then the method of circle curve fitting was proposed, by finding the minimum(More)
In order to obtain more robust face recognition results, the paper proposes an image preprocessing method based on local approximation gradient (LAG). The traditional gradient is only calculated along 0° and 90°; however, there exist many other directional gradients in an image block. To consider more directional gradients, we introduce a novel LAG(More)
Traditional computations of reachability preservation based on breadth-first search (BFS) results usually focus on small-scale datasets on stand-alone. In order to solve the bottlenecks of memory capacity and computing speed while traditional approaches manipulate large-scale datasets and intermediate data generated, we propose a MapReduce-based approach to(More)
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