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We previously demonstrated that human chorionic gonadotropin β (hCGβ) induced migration and invasion in human prostate cancer cells. However, the involved molecular mechanisms are unclear. Here, we established a stable prostate cancer cell line overexpressing hCGβ and tested hCGβ-triggered signaling pathways causing cell migration and invasion. ELISA showed(More)
BACKGROUND Glioblastoma has highly invasive potential, which might result in poor prognosis and therapeutic failure. Hence, the key we study is to find effective therapies to repress migration and invasion. Sulforaphane (SFN) was demonstrated to inhibit cell growth in a variety of tumors. Here, we will further investigate whether SFN inhibits migration and(More)
Advanced prostate cancer has highly invasive potential, which may lead to metastasis associated with poor prognosis. Sulforaphane (SFN), abundant in cruciferous vegetables, exhibited effective resistance to carcinogenesis in a variety of tumors. The aim of the present study was to investigate whether SFN inhibited invasion in human prostate cancer cells via(More)
In recent studies, sulforaphane (SFN) has been seen to demonstrate antioxidant and anti-tumor activities. In the present study, the viability inhibition effects of SFN in U251MG glioblastoma cells were analyzed by MTS. Morphology changes were observed by microscope. Apoptotic effects of SFN were evaluated by annexin V binding capacity with flow cytometric(More)
Cascade-Correlation (CC) network is a new architecture and supervised learning algorithm for artificial neural networks. The learning algorithm of CC network and its network structure are described in this paper, the CC network with an excellent fitting ability is applied to fitting vibration characteristics of hydraulic turbine units according to different(More)
Human chorionic gonadotropin β (hCGβ) promotes tumorigenesis in a variety of tumors including glioblastoma, breast and prostate cancer cells, etc. However, the involved mechanisms remain elusive. Distinct from the other tumors, glioblastoma is a highly invasive brain tumor; invasion causes high recurrence and mortality. Characterization of hCGβ signaling is(More)
In order to develop new β-type Ti-based biochemical materials, a series of Ti-10Mo-1.25Si-xZr (x=4-13) alloys were designed and prepared using vacuum arc melting method. Phase analysis and microstructural observation showed that all the as cast samples consisted of equiaxed β-Ti phase. With the increase of Zr content, the structure of grain boundary changed(More)
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