Chunling Wu

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A hyphenated method for mercury speciation analysis by the coupling of high performance liquid chromatography and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry with the online strong anion exchange column (SAX) preconcentration was developed. The Hg analytes (Hg(+), MeHg, EtHg and Hg(2+)) were absorbed on the SAX column preconditioned with sodium(More)
Within the context of seismic wave propagation, fractures can be described as thin layers or linear-slip interfaces. In this paper, numerical simulations of elastic wave propagation in a medium with a single fracture represented by these two models are performed by 2D finite-difference codes: a variable-grid isotropic code for the thin-layer model and a(More)
An optimized fourth-order staggered-grid finitedifference (FD) operator is derived on a mesh with variable grid spacing and implemented to solve 2-D velocity-stress elastic wave equations. The idea in optimized schemes is to minimize the difference between the effective wave number and the actual wave number. As expected, this optimized variable-grid FD(More)
Abstract Geological sequestration can be used to reduce greenhouse CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. The three potential geological storage options are depleted oil and gas reservoirs, deep saline aquifers, and unminable coal beds. Subsurface monitoring will be necessary for leak detection, to provide information for optimizing injection, and to support the(More)
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