Chunliang Jiang

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Aim at the problem of sea-sky-line detection in sea-sky background image, a new method which is based on histogram analysis and linear fitting is proposed. It can obtain the information of pixels near the Sea-sky-line through an analysis of the histogram, and calculating the rough area to get rid of irrelevant pixels in order to extract the sea-sky-line(More)
—A de-noising method using wavelet transform and morphology for low light level image is presented. The intensity of noise field is different from the intensity of normal image region, which has reduce the quality of vision and after works of image processing such as segmentation, feature extraction and identification. Since there are a number of noises in(More)
Transform˄SIFT˅ which is feature extraction method of image processing, and it is stable for image feature registration. And image mosaic needs the fusion of overlapped region after the image registration. The research of image fusion in mosaic nowadays is concentrated on multi-resolution mosaic simply, and ignores the similarity of feature points among the(More)
In order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of warship target detection in sea-sky background,and according to the obvious gray scale contrast between the sky region and the sea region, this paper operate the division of the two regional context by looking for low-water mark of the histogram's Valley, which is one feature of the histogram called "Two(More)
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