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—An autoregressive channel prediction model is presented for cognitive radio systems. This model adopts a second-order AR model and a particle filter. In this paper, an AR model of order p is used to approximate the flat Rayleigh fading channels. Simulation results show that the performance of the proposed autoregressive channel prediction model based on(More)
A study on the application of Toeplitz Approximation Method(TAM) on direction of arrival(DOA) estimation is described in this paper. The proposed algorithm provides high resolution direction finding capability at low signal noise ratio(SNR), and it can be applied to the narrowband coherent sources DOA estimation, it is also efficient for the wide-band(More)
Minimizing communication by increasing the locality of data references is an important optimization for achieving high performance on distributed memory machines. But in the progress of decomposition, reorganization is inevitable. And the communication produced by reorganization is inevitable too. In this paper, the authors present a linear decomposition(More)
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