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Simulation experiment is an important means of analyzing and assessing the security of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system, however, the existing simulation environments have some limitations in flexibility and extensibility. According to the type of industrial infrastructure and the structure of SCADA system, the abstract models of(More)
Transplantation of glial-restricted progenitors (GRPs) is a promising strategy for generating a supportive environment for axon growth in the injured spinal cord. Here we explored the possibility of producing a migratory stream of GRPs via directional cues to create a supportive pathway for axon regeneration. We found that the axon growth inhibitor(More)
We have demonstrated that carbon-microelectromechanical systems ͑C-MEMS͒, in which patterned photoresist is pyrolyzed in inert environment at high temperature, constitutes a powerful approach to building 3D carbon microelectrode arrays for 3D microbattery applications. High aspect ratio carbon posts ͑Ͼ10:1͒ are achieved by pyrolyzing SU-8 negative(More)
The wetting behavior of water on the solid surfaces is fundamental to various physical, chemical and biological processes. Conventionally, the surface with charges or charge dipoles is hydrophilic, whereas the non-polar surface is hydrophobic though some exceptions were recently reported. Using molecular dynamics simulations, we show that there is a(More)
Galilean invariance is a fundamental property; however, although the lattice Boltzmann equation itself is Galilean invariant, this property is usually not taken into account in the treatment of the fluid-solid interface. Here, we show that consideration of Galilean invariance in fluid-solid interfacial dynamics can greatly enhance the computational accuracy(More)
By incorporating cation-π interactions to classic all-atoms force fields, we show that there is a clear enrichment of Na(+) on a carbon-based π electron-rich surface in NaCl solutions using molecular dynamics simulations. Interestingly, Cl(-) is also enriched to some extend on the surface due to the electrostatic interaction between Na(+) and Cl(-),(More)
—The survivability of network is of vital importance with respect to the normal operation of information infrastructure. The current research works in the area of network survivability generally aimed at the definitions and quantifications of specific survivability attributes or metrics for distinct network objects. Unfortunately, there is a lack of(More)