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SDN-Enabled Communication Network Framework for Energy Internet
To support distributed energy generators and improve energy utilization, energy Internet has attracted global research focus. In China, energy Internet has been proposed as an important issue ofExpand
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Dynamic QoS-Driven Wireless Access Scheduling for Numerous Smart Devices in Energy Internet
Energy internet has received increasing attention as a promising solution for the widespread use of renewable energy resources in recent years. One of critical issues in energy internetExpand
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Nucleotide/Tb3+ coordination polymer as a luminescent nanosensor: synthesis and sensing of iron(ii) in human serum.
Metal organic coordination polymers have emerged as a new class of functional nanomaterials because of their flexible components and diverse architecture. Here, we report the synthesis of aExpand
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Silicon chip-scale space-division multiplexing: from devices to system
Space-division multiplexing (SDM) technique has attracted increasing attentions recently, because it provides an effective way to increase transmission capacity. With the continuous and exponentialExpand
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Eco-friendly Power Cost Minimization for Geo-distributed Data Centers Considering Workload Scheduling
The rapid development of renewable energy in the energy Internet is expected to alleviate the increasingly severe power problem in data centers, such as the huge power costs and pollution. This paperExpand
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A pressure sensor of the industry
  • L. Shi, Chunlei Sun, Q. Li
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Proceedings of International Conference on…
  • 1 August 2011
A pressure sensor structure of the industry is adopted in this paper. The reliability and stability of the sensor are analyzed understand the high pressure situation. Detailed introduction and studyExpand
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Performance Analysis of Slotted CSMA/CA in UAV-Based Data Collection Network
Recently, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) assisting data collection in wireless sensor network (WSN) has attracted increasingly wide attentions. This paper focuses on the analytical model to evaluateExpand
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Research on strategy about time-of-use pricing and economic operation of power supplier based on Stackelberg game
Demand-side management is an important method to improve the stability of power consumption and the reliability of power grid. In Energy Internet, the power supplier can obtain more detailed dataExpand
Mechanics analysis and design of pressure sensor
  • Siguo Shen, Chunlei Sun, Gang Liu
  • Computer Science
  • International Conference on Future Information…
  • 3 December 2010
Based on the classical plate theory and elasticity theory, this paper analyzes and discusses sensor chip with all round fixed. It is studied on the behaviors of stress on the diaphragm ofExpand