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High quality requirements analysis is one of the most crucial activities to ensure the success of a software project, so that requirements verification for software system becomes more and more important in Requirements Engineering (RE) and it is one of the most helpful strategies for improving the quality of software system. Related works show that(More)
To evaluate the vulnerability of a network of hosts comprehensively, a security analyst must take into account the effects of interactions between these vulnerabilities. This paper proposes Comprehensive Assessment Model (CAM) to illustrate the multi-stage attack action and evaluate network vulnerability in context. We make use of first-order predicate(More)
Intrusion detection is not new in the area of information security. It is crucial for the intrusion alerts management system to correlate the collected intrusion alerts to reflect the causal relationships between the attack steps and construct the attack scenarios. Most of these systems, however, have been built on the relational database logging the(More)
Checking the design specification for contradictions at the early phase of the software development process is crucial to ensure that the design is implementable. However, the high expressivity of OCL makes manual inconsistency checking a difficult task. In addition, the developers cannot detect these problems by OCL itself due to its lack of automated(More)
The feature interaction problem was originally considered in the telecommunications domain and expanding to software engineering which occurs when the composition of features leads to undesirable system behaviors. In this paper we explore a semantic web based method to model features in requirements phase and detect interactions among features via semantic(More)
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