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We deal with the blowup properties of the solution to the degenerate and singular par-abolic system with nonlocal source and homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions. The existence of a unique classical nonnegative solution is established and the sufficient conditions for the solution that exists globally or blows up in finite time are obtained.(More)
We study the global existence and the global nonexistence of a non-Newtonian polytropic filtration system coupled via nonlinear boundary flux. We first establish a weak comparison principle, then discuss the large time behavior of solutions by using modified upper and lower solution methods and constructing various upper and lower solutions. Necessary and(More)
This paper presents a fifth-order iterative method as a new modification of Newton's method for finding multiple roots of nonlinear equations with unknown multiplicity m. Its convergence order is analyzed and proved. Moreover, several numerical examples demonstrate that the proposed iterative method is superior to the existing methods. We consider the(More)