Chunlai Li

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In this paper, the chaotic dynamics of a three-dimensional fractional-order chaotic system is investigated. The lowest order for exhibiting chaos in the fractional-order system is obtained. Adaptive schemes are proposed for control and synchronization of the fractional-order chaotic system based on the stability theory of fractional-order dynamic systems.(More)
Introduction: Silica minerals, SiO 2 , are important rock-forming minerals. They are abundant in common rocks on Earth, such as granite, sandstone, chert, etc. However, silica minerals, especially quartz, are generally rare on the Moon. The commonly found silica polymorph in lunar basalt is cristobalite, which constitutes 5 vol % of some basalt [1]. Quartz(More)
On 13 December 2012, Chang'e-2 conducted a successful flyby of the near-Earth asteroid 4179 Toutatis at a closest distance of 770 ± 120 meters from the asteroid's surface. The highest-resolution image, with a resolution of better than 3 meters, reveals new discoveries on the asteroid, e.g., a giant basin at the big end, a sharply perpendicular silhouette(More)
Introduction: Sulfates have been identified on Mars by orbital remote sensing (OMEGA and CRISM) and during surface exploration (Viking, MER) [1-4]. MER rovers have found Fe-sulfates at both landing sites. A ferric sulfate (jarosite) was identified with the Mössbauer spectrometer (MB) in Meridiani Planum outcrops (~10 wt.%) [5]. At Gusev Crater, light-toned(More)
The chemical compositions of relatively young mare lava flows have implications for the late volcanism on the Moon. Here we report the composition of soil along the rim of a 450-m diameter fresh crater at the Chang'e-3 (CE-3) landing site, investigated by the Yutu rover with in situ APXS (Active Particle-induced X-ray Spectrometer) and VNIS (Visible and(More)
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