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A sliding mode variable structure controller for chaotic control in the permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is presented in this paper. The controller is deduced based on the Lyapunov function theory and the function switch control strategy. The angle speed of the PMSM can be flexibly adjusted according to the engineering requirement by the(More)
When system parameters falling into a certain area, the permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is experiencing chaotic behavior, which threatens the secure and stable operation of drive system. To control the undesirable chaos in PMSM, a new controller is proposed based on tridiagonal structure matrix stability theory. The proposed controller has some(More)
In this paper, the chaotic dynamics of a three-dimensional fractional-order chaotic system is investigated. The lowest order for exhibiting chaos in the fractional-order system is obtained. Adaptive schemes are proposed for control and synchronization of the fractional-order chaotic system based on the stability theory of fractional-order dynamic systems.(More)
This paper presents harmonic current detection based on a generalized theory of instantaneous reactive power for three-phase power systems. This new theory gives a generalized definition of instantaneous reactive power, which is valid for sinusoidal or no sinusoidal, balanced or unbalanced, three-phase power systems with or without zero-sequence currents(More)
With the emergence large-scale centralized high-voltage photovoltaic plants integrated into power grid, the fluctuation power of the photovoltaic plants impacts the security and stability of the power grid. This paper proposes a state estimation method of the transmission network which includes the photovoltaic plants, and fully considers the mutual(More)
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This paper presents a novel four-dimensional (4D) smooth autonomous system. The prosposed system is special since it has only one equilibrium, but it can generate a four-wing chaotic or hyperchaotic attractor. By applying either analytical or numerical methods, some basic properties of the 4D system, such as phase diagrams, bifurcation diagram and Lyapunov(More)
An intelligent monitoring system was designed, which based on DM642 as the hardware platform, video capture, output circuit and Ethernet interface circuit are included. An improved three frame differencing is applied in video moving target detection. In this method, variation trend of video adjacent frame difference is used as the basis of video motion(More)
The grid-connected inverter is important power electronic implements, used to transfer the power from the DPGS to the public grid, and the quality of its output power has been studied a lot. The repetitive control technique based on the internal model principle, can achieve low steady-state tracking error and total harmonic distortion (THD) in AC systems,(More)
  • Chunlai Li
  • 2011
In this paper, a scheme of lag observer is developed to estimate the variables of unified chaotic systems. Theoretically, the exponential stability of the lag error system can be guaranteed, and the lag estimation of the unknown variables of unified chaotic systems can be achieved. Furthermore, a scheme for secure communication is presented based on the lag(More)