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The optimization of the resource-constrained project scheduling is an NP-hard problem. Complexity of the algorithm for solving this problem increases exponentially with the increase of resource constraints. Therefore, traditional optimization methods based on Excel tables cannot calculate the efficient allocation of resources, which will affect the(More)
the use of fuzzy techniques has been considered to be one of the key components of data mining systems because of the affinity with human knowledge representation. A hybridization of fuzzy sets with genetic algorithms is described for Web mining in this paper. It is based on a hybrid technique that combines the strengths of rough set theory and genetic(More)
This pager surveys the use of wireless sensors and sensor networks in monitoring Dam safety. Engineers paid much attention to fucus on the research of Dam safety monitoring (DSM), Since it could increase the safety and reduce the maintenance costs of engineering structures. Recently, wireless sensor network (WSN) has been explored for adoption to improve(More)
Nowadays, any employment and recruitment web sites receive immense personal information and recruit information every day. But most information can’t be properly analyzed and can’t meet the recruit requirement. In fact, the recruiting units are looking for talents of both high and low levels talents. However, many talents information(More)
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Large-scale water project usually would last substantially long and require large investment. Many organizations are involved in such projects and the demand is higher on knowledge management, so the benefits of knowledge could be significant. This paper takes the east and middle South-to-North Water Division Project as example, and tries to discuss the(More)
This paper discusses the work undertaken by the China Water Museum to develop X3D-based Water Museum Virtual Reality Experience System (WMVRES) to educate the public on water resources and the history of water. This system is to deal with difficulties in applying 3D information system in virtual reality experience, which is written in Extensible-3D(X3D) and(More)
With the great pressure on employment under current financial crisis, this paper presents hierarchical analysis theory to evaluate the correlation between the configurations of computer major course and employment rate, so as to improve the course configuration and enhance the employment rate. This paper analyzes three provincial colleges with different(More)
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