Chunki Park

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In this paper, we present a principled approach to constructing believable game players that relies on a cognitive architecture. The resulting agent is capable of playing the game Urban Combat in a plausible manner when faced with similar situations as its human counterparts. We discuss how architectural features like goal-directed but reactive execution(More)
While cognitive architectures provide excellent infrastructure for research stretching over various fields, the integrated nature consisting of multiple modules makes their evaluation extremely difficult. Due to the lack of analytical criteria, the cost of general demonstrations, and varying specifications among different architectures, deriving any general(More)
Quantitative modeling plays a key role in the natural sciences, and systems that address the task of inductive process modeling can assist researchers in explaining their data. In the past, such systems have been limited to data sets that recorded change over time, but many interesting problems involve both spatial and temporal dynamics. To meet this(More)
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