Chunjin Wei

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According to biological strategy for pest control, a mathematical model with periodic releasing virus particles for insect viruses attacking pests is considered. By using Floquet’s theorem, small-amplitude perturbation skills and comparison theorem, we prove that all solutions of the system are uniformly ultimately bounded and there exists a globally(More)
A prey-predator model with Beddington-DeAngelis functional response and impulsive state feedback control is investigated. We obtain the sufficient conditions of the global asymptotical stability of the system without impulsive effects. By using the geometry theory of semicontinuous dynamic system and themethod of successor function, we obtain the systemwith(More)
The work is the analysis of a mathematical model of cheese whey fermentation for single-cell protein production with impulsive state feedback control.Through the analysis, the sufficient conditions of existence and stability of positive order-1 periodic solution are obtained. It is shown that the system either tends to a stable state or has a periodic(More)
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