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Catering service robot working in restaurants is integrated with autonomous mobile, multi-sensor data fusion, and multimodal human computer interaction techniques. Catering service robot can replace or partially take place of the restaurant staffs; it has good marketing effectiveness and potential profitable advantages. In this paper the design of a(More)
In this paper an efficient and low-cost robot grasping system is described. This system efficiently performs grasping tasks of known objects in household environments using just several low-cost devices. For regular visual servo technology that usually applying high-precision but high-cost devices, the target can be localized precisely and the goal arm(More)
Wearable exoskeleton robot is a kind of humanoid service robot to help the elderly and the patients with walking dysfunction, it is also an effective medical rehabilitation method to help patients who have walking disorders due to central neural system damage. This paper focuses on the flexible mechanism design of wearable lower limb exoskeleton robot. A(More)
Butler Robot is used at home, which is integrated with autonomous mobile, multi-sensor data fusion and multi modal human computer interaction techniques. The butler robot unified all appliances and household robots; it provides intelligent human-computer interaction, you can control all home appliances and robots just with the butler robot's simple(More)
In this paper, we present a novel non-binding lower extremity exoskeleton (NextExo) for bearing load, where there is no binding point between the NextExo and human. With the innovative structure, the NextExo is able to stand in balance without attaching human, and bear the weights of its own and load completely. This also avoids the damage to operator(More)
The Household Butler Robot (HBR) project is a long-term group effort aiming to develop a multifunctional and robust household assistant robot. Thus an efficient mobile manipulation system is the key component for this robot to be practically useful. In this paper a mobile manipulation system based on multi-view monocular cameras applied in our robot is(More)
In this paper, we investigate the energy saving problem in mobile ad hoc network, and give out an improved variable-range transmission power control algorithm based on minimum spanning tree algorithm (MST). Using previous work by Gomez and Campbell [1], we show that in consider of node's mobility, the previous variable-range transmission power control based(More)