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Applying image processing technologies to pedestrian detection has been a hot research topic in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). However, the existing video-based algorithms to extract background image may suffer their inefficiency in detecting slow or static pedestrians. To fill the gap, an improved Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) for pedestrian(More)
In crash frequency studies, correlated multivariate data are often obtained for each roadway entity longitudinally. The multivariate models would be a potential useful method for analysis, since they can account for the correlation among the specific crash types. However, one issue that arises with this correlated multivariate data is the number of zero(More)
To investigate the relationship between crash frequency and potential influence factors, the accident data for events occurring on a 50km long expressway in China, including 567 crash records (2006-2008), were collected and analyzed. Both the fixed-length and the homogeneous longitudinal grade methods were applied to divide the study expressway section into(More)
This paper has presented a novel approach designed to realize multi-section short-term traffic flow synchronization forecasting in terms of road network. First, the road network is split into sub networks in accordance with traffic flow spatial-temporal characteristics. Second, chaos analysis method is proposed to forecast short-term traffic flow.(More)
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