Chunjiang Ren

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AlGaN/GaN HEMT using field plate and recessed gate for X-band application was developed on SiC substrate. Internal matching circuits were designed to achieve high gain at 8 GHz for the developed device with single chip and four chips combining, respectively. The internally matched 5.52 mm single chip AlGaN/GaN HEMT exhibited 36.5 W CW output power with a(More)
Accurate modeling of electrothermal effects of GaN electronic devices is critical for reliability design and assessment. In this paper, an electrothermal model for large signal equivalent circuit modeling of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs including self-heating and ambient temperature effects is presented. To accurately describe the effect of ambient temperature, two(More)
A scalable electrothermal large-signal AlGaN/GaN HEMTs model for both fundamental and multiharmonics is presented based on the modified Angelov model. To obtain accurate scalability of the electrothermal model, a simple empirical expression is proposed for the geometric and power-dissipation-dependent nonlinear thermal resistance <inline-formula> <tex-math(More)
X-Band AlGaN/GaN HEMT power MMIC on Sl-SiC designed in microstrip technology is presented in this paper. Recessed-gate and field-plate are used in the device process to improve the AlGaN/GaN HEMTs performances. S-parameter measurements show a strong dependence of the frequency performances of the AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on the operating voltage. Higher operating(More)
AIGaN/GaN HEMT power MIMIC which is designed in microstrip technology on Sl-SiC substrate is presented in this work. The chip size is only 2.0 mmtimes1.1 mmtimes0.08 mm. The developed two-stage power MMIC operates at frequency between 9.4-10.6 GHz and delivers a pulsed output power of 11.1 W at 9.7 GHz under a drain bias of 30 V. The linear gain of the MMIC(More)
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