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Analysis of observational data suggests two-way interactions between the tropical intraseasonal oscillation (ISO) and synoptic-scale variability (SSV). On one hand, SSV is strongly modulated by the ISO; that is, a strengthened (weakened) SSV appears during the enhanced (suppressed) ISO phase. The northwest– southeast-oriented synoptic wave train is(More)
GaN “Smart Discrete” power devices were realized using the AlGaN/GaN-on-Si platform, where two built-in intelligent self-protection functions were demonstrated. First, an AlGaN/GaN normally-off high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) with reverse drain blocking capability was realized, featuring a Schottky contact controlled drain barrier.(More)
The Architecture of visual process modeling tools for web services composition based on BPEL is introduced in detail. The concepts of arcs and nodes are imported and a visual process editor is implemented. Meanwhile, graphical method and the mapping technology which maps flow chart to BPEL elements are adopted. We give the method of describing QoS ontology(More)
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