Chunhua Qiao

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The phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/AKT signaling pathway is emerging as a promising therapeutic target for multiple myeloma (MM). In the present study, we performed a virtual screen against 800,000 of small molecule compounds by targeting PI3Kγ. C96, one of such compounds, inhibited PI3K activated by insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), but did not(More)
In order to explore the interaction of mefloquine with hemin against adult Schistosoma japonicum in vitro, the 50% and 95% lethal concentration (LC50 and LC95) of mefloquine and hemin against schistosomes, some factors, such as other iron providing agents, iron chelaters, zinc protoporphyrin-IX, and biological relevant reductants, that might impact on(More)
A study of the structure-activity relationships of 5'-O-[N-(salicyl)sulfamoyl]adenosine (6), a potent inhibitor of the bifunctional enzyme salicyl-AMP ligase (MbtA, encoded by the gene Rv2384) in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is described, targeting the salicyl moiety. A systematic series of analogues was prepared exploring the importance of substitution at(More)
Bovine plasma amine oxidase (BPAO) was previously shown to be irreversibly inhibited by propargylamine and 2-chloroallylamine. 1,4-Diamine versions of these two compounds are here shown to be highly potent inactivators, with IC50 values near 20 microM. Mono-N-alkylation or N,N-dialkylation greatly lowered the inactivation potency in every case, whereas the(More)
The cytokine macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) is regarded as a major regulator of inflammation and a key mediator that counter-regulates the inhibitory effects of glucocorticoids within the immune system. Therefore, MIF is a therapeutic target for the treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. In addition, MIF was found to be implicated(More)
The oncogenic STAT3 signaling pathway is emerging as a promising target for the treatment of multiple myeloma (MM). In the present study, we identified a novel STAT3 inhibitor SC99 in a target-based high throughput screen. SC99 inhibited JAK2-STAT3 activation but had no effects on other transcription factors such as NF-κB, and kinases such as AKT, ERK, and(More)
Recent clinical trials have demonstrated targeting PI3K pathway is a promising strategy for the treatment of blood cancers. To identify novel PI3K inhibitors, we performed a high throughput virtual screen and identified several novel small molecule compounds, including PIK-C98 (C98). The cell-free enzymatic studies showed that C98 inhibited all class I(More)
A series of novel rhodanine-based acylsulfonamide derivatives were designed, synthesized, and evaluated as small-molecule inhibitors of anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 protein. These compounds exhibit potent antiproliferative activity in three human tumor cell lines (Hep G2, PC-3 and B16-F10). Among them, the most potent compounds 10 and 11 bind to Bcl-2 with a K(i)(More)
A praziquantel analog 10-hydroxy praziquantel and eight praziquantel/peroxide conjugates were synthesized. The biological activity of these compounds was evaluated against juvenile and adult stages of Schistosoma japonicum. Unlike praziquantel, 10-hydroxy praziquantel exhibits activity against both juvenile and adult Schistosoma japonicumin. All hybrid(More)
A series of aromatic ring-modified praziquantel derivatives were prepared and evaluated against juvenile and adult stage of Schistosoma japonicumin. Several analogs comparable in activity to the drug praziquantel have been identified based on in vitro and in vivo japonuicum schistosomes worm viability assay. Structure and activity relationship of these(More)