Chunhua Liu

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—A new permanent-magnet (PM) hybrid brushless (PMHB) machine is proposed and implemented as the integrated starter–generator (ISG) for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). It has the advantages of higher torque density than other PMHB machines and much wider speed range than other PM brushless machines. The key is to tune its dc-field winding current in such a(More)
Recently, social tag recommendation has gained more attention in web research, and many approaches were proposed, which can be classified into two types: rule-based and classification-based approaches. However, too much expert experience and manual work are needed in rule-based approaches, and its generalization is limited. Additionally , there are some(More)
Slow oscillations at frequencies <1 Hz manifest in many brain regions as discrete transitions between a depolarized up state and a hyperpolarized down state of the neuronal membrane potential. Although up and down states are known to differentially affect sensory-evoked responses, whether and how they are modulated by sensory stimuli are not well(More)
Glutamate receptor-mediated neurotoxicity is a major mechanism contributing to hypoxic-ischemic brain injury (HIBI). Memantine is a safe non-competitive NMDA receptor blocker characterized by its low affinity and fast unblocking kinetics. Topiramate is an AMPA/KA receptor blocker and use-dependent sodium channel blocker with several other neuroprotective(More)
Many notorious invasive plants are clonal, however, little is known about the different roles of clonal integration effects between invasive and native plants. Here, we hypothesize that clonal integration affect growth, photosynthetic performance, biomass allocation and thus competitive ability of invasive and native clonal plants, and invasive clonal(More)
A new magnetless axial-flux doubly-salient DC-field (AF-DSDC) machine is proposed and implemented into the application of a range-extended electric vehicle (RE-EV). By employing the radial active part for the torque production, the proposed machine can produce satisfactory torque density to fulfill the requirements of the RE-EV system. With the support of(More)