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—With ever-increasing concerns on energy issues, the development of renewable energy sources is becoming more and more attractive. This paper first reviews both the wind power and photovoltaic (PV) power generation techniques and their maximum-power-point tracking (MPPT) methods. Then, a new stand-alone wind–PV hybrid generation system is proposed for(More)
—A new permanent-magnet (PM) hybrid brushless (PMHB) machine is proposed and implemented as the integrated starter–generator (ISG) for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). It has the advantages of higher torque density than other PMHB machines and much wider speed range than other PM brushless machines. The key is to tune its dc-field winding current in such a(More)
Recently, social tag recommendation has gained more attention in web research, and many approaches were proposed, which can be classified into two types: rule-based and classification-based approaches. However, too much expert experience and manual work are needed in rule-based approaches, and its generalization is limited. Additionally , there are some(More)
The permanent-magnet hybrid brushless (PMHB) motor adopts both DC field windings and PMs for excitation. It not only offers effective online flux control, but also flexible brushless DC (BLDC) or brushless AC (BLAC) operations. The key of this paper is to investigate two remedial strategies for fault-tolerant operations of the PMHB motor drive under(More)
This paper proposes a new electrically controlled magnetic variable-speed gearing (EC-MVSG) machine, which is capable of providing controllable gear ratios for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications. The key design feature involves the adoption of a magnetic gearing structure and acceptance of the memory machine flux-mnemonic concept. Hence, the(More)
Granular computing classification algorithms are proposed based on distance measures between two granules from the view of set. Firstly, granules are represented as the forms of hyperdiamond, hypersphere, hypercube, and hyperbox. Secondly, the distance measure between two granules is defined from the view of set, and the union operator between two granules(More)
With the growing plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) integrated into the power grid, a large number of on-board batteries need to be charged via the infrastructure such as dedicated charging station and the parking lots. In this paper, a control framework is proposed to manage the charging and discharging by using vehicle-to-grid technology. In order(More)