Chungui Zhang

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Microbial consortia isolated from aged oil-contaminated soil were used to degrade 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (15.72 mgkg(-1)) in soil and slurry phases. The three microbial consortia (bacteria, fungi and bacteria-fungi complex) could degrade polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and the highest PAH removals were found in soil and slurry(More)
Effects of 1, 2, 4-trichlorobenzene (TCB) stress on seedling growth, cell division and chromosomal aberration frequency of root-tip cells of Vicia faba were studied. The results indicated that the growth of the root length and mitotic index of root tip cells were successively decreased and even stopped with the increase of TCB concentrations and treatment(More)
A treatment engineering of prepared bed was set up for the bioremediation of oil contaminated soil with oil in this study, soils contaminated with different type of oils were treated using composting process in the prepared bed and the treatment period was divided into 2 phases with total time of 210 days. When the concentration of total petroleum(More)
Pot experiment with discarded greenish mudstone from large opencut coal mine as test soil was conducted to study the application of ectomycorrhizal fungi in the ecological reconstruction of fragile ecological belt of large opencut coal mine of Huolinhe region, Inner Mongolia. The result showed that after the greenish mudstone was inoculated with(More)
Studies on bioremediation of PAHs contaminated soil were carried out using bio-slurry reactor process. Phenanthrene (PHE) and pyrene (PY) were chosen as the test pollutants. The results showed that the physical and chemical properties of the pollutants were key factor affecting the bio-remedying possibility of PAHs in soil. PAHs with less benzene rings and(More)
Releases of nitrobenzene into the aquatic environment pose a threat to human health and aquatic resources, and have attracted much attention world-wide. In order to find out the distribution and migration patterns of pooled nitrobenzene underwater in different conditions, laboratory column experiments were designed to simulate stagnant water, flowing water(More)
It was necessary and significant to explore the low-cost, high-precision and real-time access method of land-use/cover using the MODIS data multi-temporal and multi-spectral for quickly assess regional land use/cover change. Firstly, the study used maximum values compose (MVC) to select the optimal MODIS data in Fujian study area because there were(More)
The bioremediation of soils contaminated by different types of petroleum were carried out with composting process in a prepared bed. By the measures of nutrient- and microbiological agent addition, and moisture- and pH control, an ideal environment for microbes were obtained. When total petroleum hydrocarbons, which consist of thin oil, high condensation(More)
In this paper, we study supervisory control of a nondeterministic systems -- probabilistic discrete event systems. As language equivalence is not an adequate notion of behavioral equivalence for some nondeterministic systems, here we use the finest known notion of equivalence: bisimulation equivalence. The design of a supervisor such that the controlled(More)
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