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Since congestion of traffic is ubiquitous in the modern city, optimizing the behavior of traffic lights for efficient traffic flow is a critically important goal. However,agents often select only locally optimal actions without coordinating their neighbor intersections. In this paper, an urban road traffic area-wide coordination control algorithm based on(More)
Genetic back propagation (BP) neural network is fast, quick, steady in forecasting of traffic flow, and the result has lowly error ability. But it can easily cause premature convergence, and usually the solution we got is local optimal solution. For overcoming those drawbacks of Genetic BP neural network, we add Simulated Annealing Algorithm to the(More)
Given n clones with some positive ones, the pooling design is a non-adapted algorithm to identify all positive clones. Given a pooling design and outcomes from all pools, how to determine each clone being positive or not. We study this decoding problem in this paper. Especially, we give a new decoding method for error-correcting pooling design with (d,(More)
In a heterogeneous network environment, constructing applications of remote distributed intelligent transportation system (ITS) are faced with complex communication problems proposed by online management, data acquisition and the coordination control of traffic node devices. Therefore, a framework based on SIP/ZigBee architecture is proposed. By using SIP(More)
An improved collision detection algorithm based on AABB is presented. During the global search, each axis is cut into a series of segments containing the same number of AABBs’ projection intervals, and Shell sort is adopted to sort projection lists, not insertion sort.This will avoid needless intersecting test of AABB. During the local detection, the amount(More)
According to the randomized circle detection (RCD) algorithm, the probability that four randomly sampled points belong to the same circle is relatively low. A fast algorithm for circle detection in this paper is proposed. Three points will be randomly sampled in the edge image and the fourth point is then sampled within the margin of vertical circumscribed(More)
This paper, based on Back Propagation (BP) neural network, proposes a method to divide traffic control sub-area dynamically. Considering three factors — traffic flow, distance of intersections and cycle, it forecasts the coordinatability factor and divides traffic control sub-area. It provides the design of neural network structure, carrying on a(More)
This paper discusses an approach to multi-document summarization that builds on understanding word as feature deeply. We created 7 basic word features using the frequency, position information, event information and topic information. Then choose logistic regression model to compute words value. The summarizer gives a score of sentence by words value, and(More)