Chunguang Bu

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The control strategies of reconfiguration and obstacles negotiation are the intensive topic in the filed of leg-wheel hybrid robot. Based on the analysis of structure characters of leg-wheel hybrid robot and the disadvantage of early control method, this paper proposes a new reconfiguration control method in rough terrain and an auto-control method to get(More)
This paper provides the design and implementation of navigation and control software for an aerospace-level lunar rover validation system. Based on analysing structure characteristics of the navigation and control system, real-time navigation and control software involving interrupt service routine, tasks, and task-task communication is designed and(More)
Lithium-ion battery is a kind of advanced sources and is a quite complex and nonlinear system comprised of interacting physical and chemical processes. Its state-of-charge (SOC)/ battery residual capacity (BRC), which is parameters to describe how much energy battery has, is key factors in applications; its estimations is an important and challenging task.(More)
Aiming at humanoid robot structure and requirement for control performance, this paper designs and realizes joint controller based on CAN, and structures an effective credible control system by connecting controllers, force sensors and harmonious level computer together. This paper includes mainly: overall structure of the system, design and implementation(More)
The rapid advances in embedded microprocessor technologies provide opportunities to promote digital avionic systems significantly. With the complexity and frequency increase, power consumption has quickly become a key design constraint in embedded microprocessor designs. The embedded processors in avionic systems must utilize energy efficiently, as their(More)
Embedded systems have stepped deeper into Integrated Avionics systems, and security is becoming an important concern. Most embedded systems present a number of software vulnerabilities, such as buffer overflows. Furthermore, the rapid growth and pervasive use of embedded systems makes it easier for a sophisticated attacker to gain physical access to launch(More)
Wheeled mobile robots are increasingly being utilized in unknown and dangerous situations such as lunar surface exploration. Velocity estimation is of importance for lunar rovers to autonomously navigate and successfully traverse on rough terrains. The dynamic effects occurring at the wheel- terrain interface such as wheel slips make it difficult to(More)
An artificial compound eye system is the bionic system of natural compound eyes with much wider field-of-view, better capacity to detect moving objects and higher sensitivity to light intensity than ordinary single-aperture eyes. In recent years, renewed attention has been paid to the artificial compound eyes, due to their better characteristics inheriting(More)
Reliable mapping and hazard detection are prerequisites for autonomous navigation for unmanned ground vehicles. Because of the uncertainty and vibration induced by high-speed navigation and rugged terrain, the problem of mapping for high-speed off-road autonomous navigation has not been completely solved yet. A relative probabilistic mapping (RPM) algorithm(More)