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High Expression Hampers Horizontal Gene Transfer
Horizontal gene transfer (HGT), the movement of genetic material from one species to another, is a common phenomenon in prokaryotic evolution. Although the rate of HGT is known to vary among genes,Expand
Strong purifying selection at genes escaping X chromosome inactivation.
To achieve dosage balance of X-linked genes between mammalian males and females, one female X chromosome becomes inactivated. However, approximately 15% of genes on this inactivated chromosome escapeExpand
Genomic evidence for elevated mutation rates in highly expressed genes
Reporter gene assays have demonstrated both transcription‐associated mutagenesis (TAM) and transcription‐coupled repair, but the net impact of transcription on mutation rate remains unclear,Expand
Differential requirements for mRNA folding partially explain why highly expressed proteins evolve slowly
Significance The expression level of a gene is a leading determinant of its rate of protein sequence evolution, but the underlying mechanisms are unclear. We show that as the mRNA concentrationExpand
Genome-wide evolutionary conservation of N-glycosylation sites.
Although posttranslational protein modifications are generally thought to perform important cellular functions, recent studies showed that a large fraction of phosphorylation sites are notExpand
In silico re-identification of properties of drug target proteins
In this study, we proposed new properties (essentiality, expression pattern, PTMs, and solvent accessibility) for effectively identifying drug target proteins. Expand
A computational approach to candidate gene prioritization for X-linked mental retardation using annotation-based binary filtering and motif-based linear discriminatory analysis
AbstractBackgroundSeveral computational candidate gene selection and prioritization methods have recently been developed. These in silico selection and prioritization techniques are usually based onExpand
Intra and Interspecific Variations of Gene Expression Levels in Yeast Are Largely Neutral: (Nei Lecture, SMBE 2016, Gold Coast)
Abstract It is commonly, although not universally, accepted that most intra and interspecific genome sequence variations are more or less neutral, whereas a large fraction of organism-levelExpand
Conventionally used reference genes are not outstanding for normalization of gene expression in human cancer research
We used large-scale cancer gene expression datasets from The Cancer Genome Atlas database, which contains 10,028 (9,364 cancerous and 664 normal) samples from 32 different cancer types, to confirm that the expression of the most commonly used reference genes is not consistent across a range of cancer types. Expand
In silico prediction of potential chemical reactions mediated by human enzymes
We developed an in silico model to predict which of human enzymes including metabolic enzymes as well as CYP450 family can catalyze a given chemical compound. Expand