Chungman Seo

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DEVS Modeling and Simulation (M&S) has various implementations with various computer languages such as JAVA, C++, and C#. To enhance model reusability with different implementation, we need interoperable systems such as CORBA, HLA, and SOA, and an interoperable mechanism for simulation of heterogeneous DEVS models. As an infrastructure of an(More)
There are many implementations of DEVS Modeling and Simulation in various computer languages and software tools. Most of them focus on modeler-friendly approaches which mean a user should have knowledge of modeling and computer languages. In this paper, we introduce high and low level design methodology to help domain experts (who might not have an in-depth(More)
Web service technology is used to augment software reusability and composability providing XML-based message passing and operating system platform neutralization. Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) is commonly used to integrate web services called business processes, and implementations of BPEL vary according to venders. BPEL components have simple(More)
Interoperable DEVS modeling and simulation is desirable to enhance model composability and reusability with DEVS models and non-DEVS models in different languages and platforms. The barrier to such interoperability is that DEVS simulators implement the DEVS modeling formalism in diverse programming environments. Although the DEVS formalism specifies the(More)
We describe how to develop a suite of models in the MS4 Modeling Environment. The approach employs the operation of merging of System Entity Structures supported by the environment. After construction, the suite of models can be hosted on Model Store, the cloud-based repository of models provided by MS4 systems as a basis for further collaborative model(More)
As a network's uses, and especially the number of internet users, increases rapidly, an efficient system for managing large-network traffic datasets becomes an important issue. Although there are several network traffic analysis tools, such as tcpdump, Ethereal, and other applications, these tools have weaknesses, namely the limited size of files, the use(More)