Chungkeun Lee

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We proposed Index-Blocked Discrete Cosine Transform Filtering Method (IB-DCTFM) to design ideal frequency range filter on DCT domain for biomedical signal which frequently exposed to specific frequency noise such as motion artifacts and 50/60 Hz powerline interference. IB-DCTFM removes unwanted frequency range signal on time domain by blocking specific DCT(More)
Photoplethysmography (PPG)-based temporal analyses have been widely used as a useful analytical method in physiological and cardiovascular diagnosis. Most of temporal approaches of PPG are based on detected peak points, peak and foot of PPG. The aim of presented study is the development of improved peak detection algorithm of PPG waveform. The present study(More)
Image segmentation is an essential technique in image analysis. In spite of issues in contour initialization, boundary concavities and high-level computation, active contour models (snakes) are popular and successful method for segmentation among researchers. Segmentation process in snakes consists of calculation of energy and deformation of contour. In(More)
BACKGROUND There have been many studies that utilize the bio-impedance measurement method to analyze the movements of the upper and lower limbs. A fixed electrical current flows into the limbs through four standard disposable electrodes in this method. The current flows in the muscles and blood vessels, which have relatively low resistivity levels in the(More)
Object detection is one of the important problems for autonomous robots. Faster R-CNN, one of the state-of-the-art object detection methods, approaches real time application; nevertheless, computational time lies borderline of real time application, i.e. 5fps with VGG16 model in K40 GPU system in [1]. Moreover, computation time depends on model and image(More)
As a method of observing regeneration of damaged nerves, research is being conducted on analyzing the electric signals of nerve fibers that are damaged and regenerating by implanting a microelectrode array between those nerves. Microelectrode arrays possess high impedance and a unique phase characteristic according to their structural features,thus it(More)
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