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Now we live in an era of big data, and big data applications are becoming more and more pervasive. How to benchmark data center computer systems running big data applications (in short big data systems) is a hot topic. In this paper, we focus on measuring the performance impacts of diverse applications and scalable volumes of data sets on big data systems.(More)
Performance Difference Prediction in Cloud Services for SLA-based Auditing Hongli Zhang, Panpan Li and Zhigang Zhou A Lightweight Encryption and Secure Protocol for Smartphone Cloud William Zegers, Sang-Yoon Chang, Younghee Park, Jerry Gao Expressing and Composing Actors for Deterministic and Scalable Programming in Cloud Kang Lianghuan, Hanglong Zhan and(More)
The rapid growth of data volume brings big challenges to the data center computing, and energy efficiency is one of the most concerned problems. Researchers from various fields are now proposing solutions to green the data center operations. Power usage effectiveness metric plays an important role in the energy saving research. However, the exising usage(More)
This paper designs a new integrated runtime monitoring method for the Internet-Based Virtual Computing Environment (iVCE). This method consolidates basic state monitoring of virtual resources and application state monitoring of virtual tasks. To validate our methodology, we developed a monitoring system for an iVCE testbed of more than 1000 nodes.
In the Internet-Based Virtual Computing Environment, a virtual commonwealth consists of a set of autonomic elements which have the same interest and obey the common principle. In the environment with open weak constraint, autonomic elements join or quit any virtual commonwealth freely. Because all the autonomic elements are free and uncontrollable, this(More)
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