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The authors investigated censorship practices and the use of microblogs—or weibos, in Chinese—using 111 million microblogs collected between 1 January and 30 June 2012. To better control for alternative explanations for censorship decisions attributable to an individual's characteristics and choices, they used a matched case-control(More)
BACKGROUND As internet and social media use have skyrocketed, epidemiologists have begun to use online data such as Google query data and Twitter trends to track the activity levels of influenza and other infectious diseases. In China, Weibo is an extremely popular microblogging site that is equivalent to Twitter. Capitalizing on the wealth of public(More)
To the Editor: We write in response to the article " Effects of Diet and Exercise on Obesity-Related Vascular Dysfunction in Children " by Woo et al. 1 We agree with the conclusion of Woo et al that diet and exercise should be regarded as an important strategy to reduce the risk of arterial dysfunction in obese children. However , we believe Woo et al(More)
The purpose of this study is to investigate the temporal association between cyberbalkanization and real life polarization of public opinion during the Hong Kong Occupy Movement in 2014. 1,387 Facebook Pages about Hong Kong during July 1 to December 15, 2014 were collected, their publicly accessible posts were retrieved, and a post sharing network (1,397(More)
BACKGROUND Internet risk has been recognised as a child safety problem, but evidence is insufficient to conclude that a child's online risk exposure can lead to physical harm. This study aims to explore the ecological relationship between Internet risk exposure and unnatural child death. METHODS Multiple secondary data sources were used: online exposure(More)
This paper examines the feature selection procedures of sentiment analysis on a multi-dialectal language. We analyzed a dataset with over 6 million microblogs in China, a multi-dialectal country, deployed sentiment classifier to examine the positive/negative emotion carried by the microblogs, and explored the regional variations in the optimal feature(More)
BACKGROUND The Chinese term "Hot Qi" is often used by parents to describe symptoms in their children. The current study was carried out to estimate the prevalence of using the Chinese term "Hot Qi" to describe symptoms in children by their parents and the symptomatology of "Hot Qi". METHOD A cross sectional survey by face-to-face interview with a(More)
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