Chung-cheng Lin

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Ameboma is a rare complication of amebic colitis presenting as a mass of granulation tissue with peripheral fibrosis and a core of inflammation related to amebic chronic infection. The initial presentations are usually obstruction and low gastrointestinal bleeding. The most common sites are the ascending colon and the cecum. It may mimic colon carcinoma,(More)
This paper explores the results discussed in “A fine is a price” by Gneezy and Rustichini [2000a. A fine is a price. Journal of Legal Studies 29, 1–17] regarding the effect of fines on parents who collect their children late from day-care centers. We suggest a complementary explanation, analyzing a formal model that qualifies but does not lose the(More)
The employment relationship is to a large extent characterized by incomplete contracts, in which workers have a considerable degree of discretion over the choice of their work effort. This discretion at work kicks in the potential importance of ‘‘gift exchange” or reciprocity between workers and employers in their employment relationship. Built on the(More)
Gastrointestinal nodular lymphoid hyperplasia is a rare lymphoproliferative state. In children, it is associated with familial immunodeficiency disease but most cases have no obvious etiology. In adults, nodular lymphoid hyperplasia is associated with immunocompromised status, including chemotherapy, acquired immunodeficiency viral infection, organ(More)
The purpose of this study is to investigate the regulation of P-glycoprotein expression in the kidney under diabetic condition. Renal P-glycoprotein expression was examined in inbred mice with type 1 or type 2 diabetes by Western blotting. The underlying mechanisms of P-glycoprotein regulation were examined in Madin-Darby canine kidney type II (MDCK-II)(More)
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