Chung-Yung Chia

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The control signals of cellular networks have been used to infer the traffic conditions of the road network. In particular, consecutive handover events are being used to estimate the traffic speed. During traffic congestion, consecutive handover events may be rare because vehicles move slowly, and thus very few or no speed reports would be generated from(More)
In this paper, we develop a stream-based system, CoreView (CV) having launched at Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan, that characterizes with T-connection or non-intrusion and is based on the mobile network signalling, to support mobile network diagnosis and comprehensive location services simultaneously in near real-time. With the CV-network diagnosis, can(More)
Real-time traffic information service is an important part of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), and the performance of service is a major concern for transportation planners and road users. For Users, getting sufficient and complete traffic information is helpful for them to arrange optimal road path before heading. This paper describes some traffic(More)
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