Chung-Yun Chou

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A 5-GHz CMOS double-quadrature front-end receiver for wireless LAN application is proposed. In the receiver, a one-stage RLC phase shifter is used to generate quadrature RF signals. Implemented in 0.18 /spl mu/m CMOS technology, the receiver chip can achieve 50.6-dB image rejection with power dissipation of 22.4 mW at 1.8-V voltage supply.
In this work, a new technique to implement the transfer function of polyphase filter with CMOS active components is proposed and analyzed. In the proposed polyphase filter structure, the currents mirrored from capacitors and the transistors in a single-stage are used to realize high-pass and low-pass functions, respectively. The multistage structure expands(More)
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