Chung-Yuen Won

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A soft switching interleaved active clamp flyback inverter for a photovoltaic AC module system is proposed. The proposed system includes an interleaved active clamp flyback converter and an unfolding bridge inverter. The interleaved active clamp flyback converter has the advantages of zero voltage switching (ZVS) performance for the primary switches,(More)
–In order to improve the efficiency of energy conversion for a photovoltaic (PV) system, a soft-switching boost converter using a simple auxiliary resonant circuit, which is composed of an auxiliary switch, a diode, a resonant inductor, and a resonant capacitor, is adopted in this paper. The conventional boost converter decreases the efficiency because of(More)
In elevator drive systems, the gains of a conventional proportional–integral (PI) speed controller cannot usually be set large enough because of its mechanical resonance. Consequently, the speed control performance deteriorates. In our work described in this paper, a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) was adopted for use in elevator drive systems in order to(More)
In this paper, an interleaved soft switching boost converter for a Photovoltaic Power Conditioning System (PV-PCS) with high efficiency is proposed. In order to raise the efficiency of the proposed converter, a 2-phase interleaved boost converter integrated with soft switching cells is used. All of the switching devices in the proposed converter achieve(More)
The power factor and total harmonic distortion (THD) are important considerations when designing an output filter. In the case of the photovoltaic (PV) ac-module, the size and weight also have to be taken into consideration. This paper proposes an output filter to reduce size and weight, and provides the optimal design method for a PV ac-module. The(More)
In this paper, the fuel cell generation system is proposed. Proposed system consists of SEPIC-Flyback converter and the single phase full-bridge inverter. The SEPIC-Flyback converter is coupled up SEPIC converter, which is capacitor energy storage type converter with the Flyback converter which is inductor energy storage type converter. In the fuel cell(More)
The use for the storage system of battery energy continues to increase by using smart grid for effective use and management of electricity. The existing energy storage system has a function of energy transfer that used off-peak electricity by lead storage battery during the daytime<sup>[1]</sup>. In case of using lithium polymer battery which has high(More)
Electric vehicle (EV) appears to be one of the viable solutions for the growing concerns for environmental protection and the fast rate of depletion of world fuel oil supply. EV can become a viable alternative to the internal combustion engine only if they are able to meet certain reliability, safety, performance, and cost criteria. In addition, electrical(More)
Conventional popular MPPT methods are effective under uniform solar irradiance. However, under partially shaded conditions, these MPPTs can fail to track the real MPP because of the multiple local maxima which can be existed on PV characteristic curve under partially shaded condition. In spite of some researchers have worked on real MPP tracking under(More)