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The population of the Tibetan Antelope (Pantholops hodgsonii) has recently declined dramatically due to the illegal trade in its wool. The animal lives at high altitude and is protected from the extremely cold climate due to a coat of very fine wool. These hairs are highly sought for weaving a shawl called shahtoosh. The large-scale poaching of the antelope(More)
This paper examines why an existential polarity wh-subject or a you-NP subject is not allowed in Chinese A-not-A questions. Two kinds of syntactic approaches proposed in the literature that deal with unacceptable existential polarity wh-subjects in A-not-A questions are reviewed. The definiteness approach (Cheng 1991, 1994) only partially explains relevant(More)
Ripple-based adaptive constant on-time (RBACOT) control with virtual ripple are conceptually simple, fast dynamic transient responses at lower duty cycle application, and lower component count. This control schema solves instability issue of sub-harmonic oscillation when ceramic capacitors are used. These characteristics make the regulators well-suited,(More)
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