Chung-Yu Mou

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We study the sudden quench of a one-dimensional p-wave superconductor through its topological signature in the entanglement spectrum. We show that the long-time evolution of the system and its topological characterization depend on a pseudomagnetic field Reff(k). Furthermore, Reff(k) connects both the initial and the final Hamiltonians, hence exhibiting a(More)
Measurements of spin excitations are essential for an understanding of spin-mediated pairing for superconductivity; and resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS) provides a considerable opportunity to probe high-energy spin excitations. However, whether RIXS correctly measures the collective spin excitations of doped superconducting cuprates remains under(More)
Multiterminal transport measurements on YBCO crystals in the vortex liquid regime have shown nonlocal conductivity on length scales up to 50 microns. Motivated by these results we explore the wavevector (k) dependence of the dc conductivity tensor, σ µν (k), in the Meissner, vortex lattice, and disordered phases of a type-II superconductor. Our results are(More)
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