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The intensity-hue-saturation (IHS) and Brovey transforms are two widespread image fusion methods in the remote sensing community. However, both are sensitive to the characteristics of the analyzed area. Restated, they often face color distortion problems with fused images. This work investigates models representing the color space in images. Schemes(More)
—A compact dual-band annular-ring slot antenna (ARSA) is proposed for use in 2.4/5 GHz wireless local-area networks (WLANs). With a meandered grounded strip embedded in the ring slot, three resonant modes were excited. With a pair of notches properly etched in the inner circular patch, the third resonant band was sufficiently lowered so that the second and(More)
BACKGROUND This article reports a survey conducted in Hong Kong on the cancer patients' attitudes towards Chinese medicine treatment. METHODS Cancer patients from three Chinese medicine clinics and one oncology clinic were interviewed with a structured questionnaire. RESULTS Of a total of 786 participants included in the study, 42.9% used Western(More)
A new species of strongyloid nematode from the genus Cloacina (Chabertiidae: Cloacininae) is described from the stomach of the hill kangaroo or euro (Macropus robustus) (Marsupialia: Macropodidae) from Western Australia. Cloacina atthis sp. nov. was found only in euros from the Pilbara region in the northwest of Western Australia, in spite of extensive(More)
BACKGROUND Functional constipation is a common clinical complaint. Although the effectiveness of Ma Zi Ren Wan for alleviating functional constipation symptoms has been proven in a previous randomized placebo-controlled study, further evidence is needed to make clinical recommendations about Chinese herbal medicine. In particular, a comparison with(More)
Due to rapid technology progress, there has been a significant increase in design complexity, decrease in time-to-market, and growing demand for embedded systems. Further, with the integration of computer technology, consumer products, and communication facilities, the software in an embedded system now accounts for as much as 70% of total system(More)
Constipation is a common problem in advanced cancer patients; however, specific clinical guidelines on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) syndrome (Zhang) are not yet available. In this cross-sectional study, the TCM syndromes distribution and their common symptoms and signs among 225 constipated advanced cancer patients were determined. Results showed that(More)
A basic question in the study of nominal classifier systems concerns the relative roles of lexical semantics and grammatical rules. In this paper we address this issue by studying whether the Mandarin general classifier ge can be selected by a lexicon-independent default rule. Evidence comes first from a corpus analysis, which found no semantically coherent(More)
Intradural disc herniation is rare. In a colon cancer patient who suffered from low back pain for several years, MRI examination showed evidence of vacuum phenomenon and ring enhancement at the level of L3-4. Intradural herniation of an intervertebral disc was confirmed surgically. Pathological evidence of intradiscal gas is rarely reported in the(More)