Chung Tai Lee

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Orphan nuclear receptors are members of the nuclear receptor superfamily of ligand-activated transcription factors for which ligands and functions have not been identified. Since the cloning of the original orphans, ligands have been identified for several orphan receptors that heterodimerize with the retinoid X receptor and are no longer classified as(More)
OBJECTIVE Catechol-O-methyltransferase, which has a functional genetic polymorphism, plays an important role in dopamine metabolism. The study analyzed the association between the catechol-O-methyltransferase gene polymorphism and alcohol dependence in the Korean population. METHODS Ninety-seven male alcoholics and 94 male age-matched normal controls were(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigated the impact of executive function on the performance of two different affective tasks, the Facial Affect Identification Task (FAIT) and the Iowa Gambling Task (IGT), in patients with schizophrenia. METHODS Thirty-nine patients with schizophrenia and 33 healthy controls completed the FAIT and the IGT, followed by the(More)
AIM To compare emotion recognition patterns between patients with panic disorder (PD) and healthy volunteers and to analyze the correlation between the degree of emotion recognition impairment and symptom severity in patients with PD. METHODS Twenty-four patients with PD and 20 healthy controls were tested with a facial emotional expression recognition(More)
In major depressive disorder (MDD), as a network-level disease, the pathophysiology would be displayed to a wide extent over the brain. Moreover, the network-wide changes could be dependent on the context of affective processing. In this study, we sought affective state-dependent changes of the brain functional network by applying a graph-theoretical(More)
A clinical study of 25 male and 17 female schizophrenic suicides is presented. Jumping from a height was the most common method used. The 42 suicidal schizophrenics in Taiwan were compared with both 84 sex- and age-matched and 60 5-year illness course non-suicidal schizophrenic control groups. The suicidal schizophrenics were not significantly different(More)
BACKGROUND Suicide is a major public health concern. The elderly have the highest rate of suicide and they make more lethal suicide attempts and have fewer psychiatric interventions than young people. Furthermore, they have old-age specific psychosocial difficulties. The present study investigated psychosocial risk factors and characteristics of an index(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the deficit in the recognition of facial emotions in a sample of medicated, stable Korean patients with schizophrenia using Korean facial emotion pictures and examined whether the possible impairments would corroborate previous findings. METHODS Fifty-five patients with schizophrenia and 62 healthy control subjects completed the(More)
OBJECTIVE Few studies have focused on the characteristic features of drug overdose in children and adolescents who have attempted suicide in Korea. The present study examined the characteristics of drug overdose in children and adolescents who visited the emergency room following drug ingestion for a suicide attempt. METHODS The medical records of 28(More)
This study compared demographical and clinical variables between first and multiple suicide attempters and investigated risk and protective factors predicting multiple attempts. 228 patients visiting emergency department after attempting suicide were divided into two groups: first attempter (n=148, 64.9%) and multiple attempter (n=80, 35.1%). Demographic(More)