Chung Soo Chung

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By placing the muscles of the take-off leg in faster eccentric or slower concentric conditions, a high jumper can increase the ground reaction force and the height of the jump. Film analysis of seven high jumpers showed that the radial velocity of the center of mass with respect to the supporting foot was more negative or less positive than the vertical(More)
As a step towards understanding the molecular mechanism of adipogenesis in pigs, preadipocytes purified from the back fat of 1 day-old female piglets were used for in vitro culture. Normalized cDNA libraries were constructed with 1.6×107 and 1.1×107 independent clones from preadipocyte and mature adipocyte mRNAs, respectively. Polymerase chain reaction(More)
The technique of Rodbell (J. Biol. Chem. 239: 375) was modified considerably in order to isolate swine adipocytes without rupturing large cells. Cell size and diameter distributions were the same for adipocytes fixed with OsO4 following isolation with collagenase and adipoctes liberated from OsO4-fixed adipose tissue slices. Lipogenic rates were greater for(More)
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