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PURPOSE We provide updated, clinically useful recommendations for treating children with monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Evidence was gathered from the literature and experience was gathered from the authors with priority given to evidence when present. The draft document was circulated among all members of the International(More)
PURPOSE We studied bladder dysfunction in children with significant primary nocturnal enuresis refractory to treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS We evaluated 33 Chinese boys and 8 girls with a mean age of 10.4 years, who had significant monosymptomatic primary nocturnal enuresis (3 or more wet nights weekly) after desmopressin treatment with or without an(More)
PURPOSE To assess the intermediate-term result of the use of the minimally invasive technique in the treatment of choledochal cysts in children. METHODS This is a retrospective review of all cases of choledochal cyst treated in the tertiary referral centre. The surgical technique is described and all the medical records were reviewed to assess the(More)
BACKGROUND Although patients benefit considerably from minimally invasive surgery, the use of new instruments such as robotic systems is challenging for surgeons, and extensive training is required. METHOD We developed a computer-based simulator of the da Vinci Surgical System, modelling the robot and designing a new interface. RESULTS The simulator(More)
An extracellular recording system has been designed for the detection of electrical cell signals using p-channel or n-channel field-effect transistor (FET) arrays with non-metallized gates. Signals from rat heart muscle cell were recorded by these devices and the results described on the basis of an equivalent circuit. This technique is sensitive enough to(More)
PURPOSE To report on a novel technique of endoscopic intravesical ureteral mobilization and cross-trigonal ureteral reimplantation under carbon dioxide insufflation of the bladder (pneumovesicum) for correcting primary vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) in infants and children. PATIENTS AND METHODS Ten boys and six girls with dilating primary VUR (7 bilateral;(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate the clinical outcome of infants diagnosed perinatally with primary obstructive megaureter, and to determine which anatomical and physiological indexes best predict such outcome. A total of 67 megaureters thought to be due to primary vesicoureteral junction obstruction was detected in 53 newborns as a result of(More)
PURPOSE We updated the terminology in the field of pediatric lower urinary tract function. MATERIALS AND METHODS Discussions were held of the board of the International Children's Continence Society and an extensive reviewing process was done involving all members of the International Children's Continence Society as well as other experts in the field. (More)
The use of field effect transistors (FETs) in biomedical research has been in rapid progression in recent years. The present study aims to demonstrate a quantitative use of these devices in pharmacological bioassays. FETs were made as a 4 x 4 matrix of gates with a width of 200 microm separating each gate. The surface of the FETs (silicon oxide), covered(More)