Chung-Kuei Lee

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Tries and PATRICIA tries are fundamental data structures in computer science with numerous applications. In a recent paper, a general framework for obtaining the mean and variance of additive shape parameters of tries and PATRICIA tries under the Bernoulli model was proposed. In this note, we show that a slight modification of this framework yields a(More)
Approximate counting is an algorithm that provides a count of a huge number of objects within an error tolerance. The first detailed analysis of this algorithm was given by Flajolet. In this paper, we propose a new analysis via the Poisson-Laplace-Mellin approach, a method devised for analyzing shape parameters of digital search trees in a recent paper of(More)
The Wiener index has been studied for simply generated random trees, non-plane unlabeled random trees and a huge subclass of random grid trees containing random binary search trees, random medianof-(2k+ 1) search trees, random m-ary search trees, random quadtrees, random simplex trees, etc. An important class of random grid trees for which the Wiener index(More)
We address the problem of how to design a more effective co-training scheme to tackle the multi-view spectral clustering. The conventional co-training procedure treats information from all views equally and often converges to a compromised consensus view that does not fully utilize the multiview information. We instead propose to learn an augmented view and(More)
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