Chung-Kuang Lin

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In this paper, we discuss how prebiotic geo-electrochemical systems can be modeled as a fuel cell and how laboratory simulations of the origin of life in general can benefit from this systems-led approach. As a specific example, the components of what we have termed the "prebiotic fuel cell" (PFC) that operates at a putative Hadean hydrothermal vent are(More)
Theoretical calculation and simulation of FEM were proposed to explain the decline of change in resistance in Cu-Sn microbumps during the electromigration test. The IMC transformation from Cu<sub>6</sub>Sn<sub>5</sub> to Cu<sub>3</sub>Sn was supposed to be the reason. Being aware that the dimension keeps shrinking, the behavior for various solder diameters(More)
Electromigration tests of SnAg solder bump samples with 15 µm bump height and Cu under-bump-metallization (UBM) were performed. The test conditions were 1.45ˆ10 4 A/cm 2 at 185 ˝ C and 1.20ˆ10 4 A/cm 2 at 0 ˝ C. A porous Cu 3 Sn intermetallic compound (IMC) structure was observed to form within the bumps after several hundred hours of current stressing. In(More)
By assuming that group buying websites offer consumers an opportunity to gain consumption value from experiential products with potential risks, a theoretical model was proposed to explore the factors affecting buyers' purchase intentions. In this model, trust, price consciousness and conformity behavior were viewed as antecedents of risks. A study of 164(More)
Tourists may rely on external information to make various decisions. By understanding the relation between information source characteristics and decision making, tourist operators can improve their communication performance and marketing efforts. Some businesses use corporate blog as a communication platform to engage their customers with the companies.(More)
Controlling charge transfer at a molecular scale is critical for efficient light harvesting, energy conversion, and nanoelectronics. Dipole-polarization electrets, the electrostatic analogue of magnets, provide a means for "steering" electron transduction via the local electric fields generated by their permanent electric dipoles. Here, we describe the(More)
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