Chung-Ju Chang

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In this paper, we present an analytical framework to evaluate the latency performance of connection-based spectrum handoffs in cognitive radio (CR) networks. During the transmission period of a secondary connection, multiple interruptions from the primary users result in multiple spectrum handoffs and the need of predetermining a set of target channels for(More)
This paper proposes an adaptive radio resource allocation (ARRA) algorithm for downlink OFDMA/SDMA systems with multimedia traffic. Considering multiple service classes and diverse QoS requirements of multimedia traffic, the ARRA algorithm is designed with the goal to maximize spectrum efficiency and to fulfill quality of service (QoS) requirements. It is(More)
AbsrructQueueing of new or handoff calls can minimize blocking probabilities or increase total carried traffic. This paper investigates a new cutoff priority cellular radio system that allows finite queueing of both new and handoff calls. We consider the reneging from the system of queued new calls due to caller impatience and the dropping of queued handoff(More)
This paper presents the design of a fuzzy traffic controller that simultaneously manages congestion control and call admission control for asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) networks. The fuzzy traffic controller is a fuzzy implementation of the two-threshold congestion control method and the equivalent capacity admission control method extensively studied in(More)
This paper proposes a neural fuzzy approach for connection admission control (CAC) with QoS guarantee in multimedia high-speed networks. Fuzzy logic systems have been successfully applied to deal with traffic-control-related problems and have provided a robust mathematical framework for dealing with real-world imprecision. However, there is no clear and(More)
Using intelligent techniques to perform radio resource management is an effective method. This paper proposes neural fuzzy control for radio resource management in hierarchical cellular systems supporting multimedia services. A neural fuzzy resource manager (NFRM) is designed, which mainly contains a neural fuzzy channel allocation processor (NFCAP), and(More)