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ZnO and Y-doped ZnO nanocrystalline films were separately fabricated on the glass substrates by sol-gel spin-coating method. X-ray diffraction patterns of the films show the same wurtzite hexagonal structure and (0 0 2) preferential orientation. Scanning electron microscope images show that grain size and thickness of the nanocrystalline films decrease with(More)
Intelligent responses of immune systems to the mutated antigens are owing to the memory recalls of the stored antigenic attributes by closed idiotypic immune networks. A dynamic system based on antibody chains is proposed which explains how the memory state is formed in the immune network. Moreover, associative memory can be explored by network dynamics of(More)
The finite element method with linear elastic assumption for predicting the intraocular pressure (IOP) readings after reshaping of the corneal structure is demonstrated in the present study. Twelve effective eye measurements in seven subjects were examined using the TOPCON LX-10, a noncontact intraocular pressure measurement technique, before and after(More)
Well-defined ZnO and ZnO: La nanorods have been successfully fabricated by a low temperature hyderthermal process. The XRD patterns of both compositions with single diffraction peak (002) show the same wurtzite hexagonal structure. The radius of ZnO: La nanorods observed by FE-SEM is smaller than that of pure ZnO indicating the inhibition of growth rate by(More)
The uses of light spots to stimulate cell activity, such as optogenetic or optical neural guiding, have recently received considerable attention. The dynamic behavior of the cells depends on appropriate attachment conditions for the induction of appropriate biochemical and physiological responses. This article reports the possible effects of two different(More)
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A Fresnel-like structure is required for various kinds of applications, such as contact lenses in the biomedical field, solar concentrators in the energy industry, wave-front correctors for display technology, and beam shaping for illumination systems. In this report, the author provides a simple iterative algorithm that can generate prism structures on(More)
Comparison between the organic worm-like chain (WLC) model and inorganic ferroelectric materials is present. The connection between this model and the bioinformatics metric is discussed. Similarity between the Hamiltonians of the WLC model and ferroelectric materials suggested that the evolution of molecular domain boundaries and the domain switching of(More)
Immune memory can be regarded as an equilibrium state of immune network system with nonlinear dynamical behavior. The rapid response of immune systems to the second-time antigen is owing to the stable structure of memory state forming by a closed idiotypic immune network. Internal image of an antigen is defined while memory state is formed via such network.(More)