Chung-In Won

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This paper presents an approach and a software, BetaDock, to the docking problem by putting the priority on shape complementarity between a receptor and a ligand. The approach is based on the theory of the β-complex. Given the Voronoi diagram of the receptor whose topology is stored in the quasi-triangulation, the β-complex corresponding to water molecule(More)
Molecular shape is a fundamental factor in determining the function of a molecule. As proteins tend to fold into globular shapes, the shape descriptor for protein sphericity is important in understanding molecular functions. In this paper, a definition of protein sphericity is introduced based on the recently developed geometric constructs of the(More)
Structure-based virtual screening is one of the most important and common computational methods for the identification of predicted hit at the beginning of drug discovery. Pocket recognition and definition is frequently a prerequisite of structure-based virtual screening, reducing the search space of the predicted protein-ligand complex. In this paper, we(More)
Molecular shape is essential in understanding molecular function, and understanding molecular shape requires definition of molecular boundaries. In this paper, we review the conceptual evolution of three molecular boundary types: the van der Waals surface, the Connolly surface, and the Lee-Richards (accessible) surface. Then, we point out the confusion(More)
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