Chung-Hyun Kim

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We evaluated the sensitivity of three fecal examination methods, the Kato-Katz (KK) method, formalin-ether technique (FE) and direct smear, for the diagnosis of clonorchiasis. The KK method proved to be most sensitive in six groups with different egg counts. In cases of extremely light infection FE was found to be more sensitive than KK.
BACKGROUND Although bisphosphonate is effective for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, poor medication compliance is a key-limiting factor. We determined whether alarm clock could improve compliance with weekly bisphosphonate in patients with osteoporosis, by comparing with age- and gender-matched control group. METHODS Fifty patients with(More)
Periprosthetic fractures after total knee arthroplasty (TKA) are gradually increasing, reflecting extended lifespan, osteoporosis, and the increasing proportion of the elderly during the past decade. Supracondylar periprosthetic femoral fracture is a potential complication after TKA. Generally, open reduction and internal fixation are the conventional(More)
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