Chung Hyo Yu

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The paper discusses the evolutionary computation approach to the problem of optimal synthesis of Quantum and Reversible Logic circuits. Our approach uses standard Genetic Algorithm (GA) and its relative power as compared to previous approaches comes from the encoding and the formulation of the cost and fitness functions for quantum circuits synthesis. We(More)
In this paper the transient control using effect of steady and relaxation oscillation in optical fiber based on neural networks and hardware implementation is described. The inherent optical feedback by the backscattered Stokes wave in optical fiber leads to instabilities in the form of optical chaos. The controlling of chaos induced transient instability(More)
We propose a novel application of sBs in embedded optical fibers as a building block for the implementation of optical neural net based on smart structures. By employing well established technology in fiber embedding in structures, and exploiting the ability of sBs as a highly versatile ambient sensor, and its nonlinear optical property of energy addition(More)
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