Chung Hwan Kim

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Performance bugs are frequently observed in commodity software. While profilers or source code-based tools can be used at development stage where a program is diagnosed in a well-defined environment, many performance bugs survive such a stage and affect production runs. OS kernel-level tracers are commonly used in post-development diagnosis due to their(More)
Audit logging is an important approach to cyber attack investigation. However, traditional audit logging either lacks accuracy or requires expensive and complex binary instrumentation. In this paper, we propose a Windows based audit logging technique that features accuracy and low cost. More importantly, it does not require instrumenting the applications,(More)
Cloud application marketplaces of modern cloud infrastructures offer a new software deployment model, integrated with the cloud environment in its configuration and policies. However, similar to traditional software distribution which has been suffering from software piracy and reverse engineering, cloud marketplaces face the same challenges that can deter(More)
Diagnosis of performance problems is an essential part of software development and maintenance. This is in particular a challenging problem to be solved in the production environment where only program binaries are available with limited or zero knowledge of the source code. This problem is compounded by the integration with a significant number of(More)
We propose a security analysis system that enables tracking and understanding system intrusions fully and precisely, using deterministic virtual machine replay and virtual machine introspection. Understanding the behaviors of system intrusions is important for malware defense systems to discover their vulnerabilities and prevent them to be exploited for the(More)
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