Chung Hwan Kim

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Performance bugs are frequently observed in commodity software. While profilers or source code-based tools can be used at development stage where a program is diagnosed in a well-defined environment, many performance bugs survive such a stage and affect production runs. OS kernel-level tracers are commonly used in post-development diagnosis due to their(More)
Cloud application marketplaces of modern cloud infrastructures offer a new software deployment model, integrated with the cloud environment in its configuration and policies. However, similar to traditional software distribution which has been suffering from software piracy and reverse engineering, cloud marketplaces face the same challenges that can deter(More)
Audit logging is an important approach to cyber attack investigation. However, traditional audit logging either lacks accuracy or requires expensive and complex binary instrumentation. In this paper, we propose a Windows based audit logging technique that features accuracy and low cost. More importantly, it does not require instrumenting the applications,(More)
• Static objects are identified using kernel-exported mapping information. • Dynamic object [de]allocations are reported by annotated kernel memory functions with hypercalls. • Memory ranges are extracted from function arguments and return values. • Call stack information is used to derive data types. • Pages that contain allocated kernel objects are(More)
Binary translation is the emulation of one instruction set by another through translation of code. In binary translation sequences of instructions are translated from the source to the target instruction set. Dynamic binary translation (DBT) looks at a short sequence of code – typically on the order of a single basic block – then translate it. Code is only(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the survival rate and long term clinical outcomes of hybrid total knee arthroplasty (TKA). MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively analyzed 113 hybrid TKAs (NexGen) in 86 patients that were followed for more than 10 years. Kaplan-Meier survival curves were generated using revision as an end point. Knee Society Score (KSS) and range of(More)
Project: Iterative backtracking via deterministic virtual machine replay and virtual machine introspection. Researching in the area of secure and robust execution environments for programs in various domains (from desktop/server/cloud to real-time applications) using advanced virtualization and binary analysis techniques. Designed and implemented a(More)
Korean traditional meat patties (Tteokgalbi) were prepared by replacing part of the lean meat content with either pork backfat or canola oil and the effect of substitution on sensory quality of the meat patties was investigated. Compared to the control patties, pork-loin Tteokgalbi with 10% pork backfat or 10% canola oil had significantly higher overall(More)
We propose a security analysis system that enables tracking and understanding system intrusions fully and precisely, using deterministic virtual machine replay and virtual machine introspection. Understanding the behaviors of system intrusions is important for malware defense systems to discover their vulnerabilities and prevent them to be exploited for the(More)
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