Chung-Hsien Sung

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We assessed the long-term effect of successful renal artery stent revascularization on renal function, blood pressure control, and survival in patients with progressive renal dysfunction due to ischemic nephropathy. Ischemic nephropathy presents a potentially serious risk of complete loss of renal function. Surgical renal revascularization is associated(More)
The purpose of this research was to perform a three way comparison of delivery modes for an introductory Management Information Systems course to determine if there existed a difference in student success among the delivery modes. The research compares student exam and final grade results in this class that was taught by the same instructor using(More)
Our data analysis suggests that the following factors contribute to the faculty adoption of and satisfaction with the online mode of instruction: improvement in traditional teaching ability through online teaching, higher quality of education that faculty believe online students receive, higher rating of the majority of students' technical sophistication,(More)
Recent statistics reveal that the number of online courses and degree programs offered by many institutions has significantly increased over the last few years. Despite this growth, factors affecting faculty adoption and satisfaction with online course development and delivery are not well known, in particular across different disciplines. Due to the(More)
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