Chung-Hsien Chou

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We investigate coherent single surface-plasmon transport in a metal nanowire strongly coupled to two colloidal quantum dots. Analytical expressions are obtained for the transmission and reflection coefficients by solving the corresponding eigenvalue equation. Remote entanglement of the wave functions of the two quantum dots can be created if the interdot(More)
We calculate the dominant contributions to the muon g − 2 at the two-loop level due to a generic pseudoscalar boson that may exist in any exotic Higgs sector in most extensions of the standard model. The leading effect comes from diagrams of the Barr-Zee type. A sufficiently light pseudoscalar Higgs boson can give rise to contribution as large as the(More)
This paper presents a grey neural network-based forecasting system (GNNFS) in solving the prediction problem. GNNFS adopts a grey model to predict the signal and a neural network (NN) to forecast the prediction error of the grey model. A sequential batch learning (SBL) is developed to adjust the weights of the NN. The proposed GNNFS is applied to a(More)
In order to be competitive in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, quality improvement and yield enhancement have received increasing attention. The research focuses on the molding process of Integrated Circuit (IC) assembly. The defects often occurred in molding process include hole, vein, crack, and floss. In order to raise the yield of molding(More)
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