Chung-Hsien Chou

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We investigate coherent single surface-plasmon transport in a metal nanowire strongly coupled to two colloidal quantum dots. Analytical expressions are obtained for the transmission and reflection coefficients by solving the corresponding eigenvalue equation. Remote entanglement of the wave functions of the two quantum dots can be created if the interdot(More)
In this paper we derive an exact master equation for two coupled quantum harmonic oscillators interacting via bilinear coupling with a common environment at arbitrary temperature made up of many harmonic oscillators with a general spectral density function. We first show a simple derivation based on the observation that the two harmonic oscillator model can(More)
We calculate the dominant contributions to the muon g − 2 at the two-loop level due to a generic pseudoscalar boson that may exist in any exotic Higgs sector in most extensions of the standard model. The leading effect comes from diagrams of the Barr-Zee type. A sufficiently light pseudoscalar Higgs boson can give rise to contribution as large as the(More)
The neutral, monocationic, and dicationic linear trinuclear ruthenium compounds [Ru(3)(dpa)(4)(CN)(2)], [Ru(3)(dpa)(4)(CN)(2)][BF(4)], [Ru(3)(dpa)(4)Cl(2)][BF(4)], and [Ru(3)(dpa)(4)Cl(2)][BF(4)](2) (dpa=the anion of dipyridylamine) have been synthesized and characterized by various spectroscopic techniques. Cyclic voltammetric and spectroelectrochemical(More)
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