Chung-Hsiang Huang

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Measurement of the rates of evaporation of amorphous water (a) and ice (i) near 150 K can be interpreted as giving a measure of their free energy difference, ⌬ i a G ͑150 K͒ϭ1100Ϯ100 J/mol, which, together with the known enthalpy difference and heat capacity data, suggests a residual entropy difference of ⌬ i a S ͑0͒ϭϪ0.7Ϯ2.2 J/͑K mol͒ at absolute zero.(More)
Recent study has shown that the energy gain of a solar panel will be significantly influenced by the incidence angle of the sun radiation. The main goal of this paper is to present a sensor-based sun-tracking system. First, we design a sensing tower for measuring the direction of sun radiation. Then we design a sun-tracking algorithm, which adopts an(More)
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