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In this paper, we propose a framework to develop high-performance system accelerator at system-level. This framework is designed by integrating a virtual machine, an electronic system level platform, and an enhanced QEMU-SystemC. The enhancement includes a local master interface for fast memory transfer, and an interrupt handling hardware for(More)
Cyclic redundancy codes (CRCs) form a powerful class of codes suited especially for the detection of burst errors in data storage and communication applications. In the traditional hardware implementation, a simple shift-register-based circuit performs the computation by handling the data one bit at a time. Parallel implementation can perform the necessary(More)
Presents a load target prediction scheme that mitigates the impact of load latency for modern microprocessors. The scheme uses a cache-like buffer to provide the base address, offset and operand size at the instruction fetching stage of a pipeline so that a load target address can be computed earlier at the decode stage. With the dynamic use of a load(More)